Introducing The Walrus Pool & Water Wizard

Ionizers are an economical, eco-friendly way of purifying water.
The ionizer’s electronic circuit sends low voltage to the ionizer copper electrodes where electrolysis between the two electrodes produces very low levels of copper ions into the water.


The positively charged ions released into the water are circulated in the water during filtration, these positively charged ions attach to the negative charge structures of algae, mold, bacteria, fungus, and viruses, they breakdown their enzymatic intake, which starves them to death, then the filter captures them.

An ion is a charged atom or molecule. Charged because the number of electron’s do not equal the number of protons in the atom, or molecule. An atom can acquire a positive charge or a negative charge, depending on whether the number of electrons in an atom is greater or less than the number of protons in the atom.

It can be used for effective purification of water used in: pools, spas, water features, koi ponds, fish ponds, and drinking water. In the use of copper ionizers in swimming pools and spas, the use of 99.5% copper and 0.5% silver was deemed to have the best results in terms of safety, and efficiency. Whereas in the use of ionizers in drinking water, NASA tests reveal that a combination of copper, and silver was the safest, most cost effective way to sanitize drinking water in outer space. The latest reports reveal that they use 67% copper and 33% silver in their test. The Walrus is a simple low cost system that produces clean healthy water, free of algae and bacteria. There are extensive advantages to using The Walrus ionized water system over the chlorinated alternatives and this technology is used extensively both in the United States of America, and in Australia. This system of water sanitization is not new to South Africa. It was widely used in the 1980’s, and1990’s, but was, sadly, discontinued because of a lack of standards, knowledge and technology.

This system used correctly, is eco-friendly. You can even use the backwashed water in the garden. Controlled to correct levels, The Walrus is safe for use in Koi ponds, and the water produced is safe for animal and human consumption. Controlled to correct levels, The Walrus is safe for use in swimming pools, and spas, at less than 1/4 of the usual chlorine cost. The water is safe to swim in and is odorless. The Walrus does not produce dangerous fumes that can affect Asthma sufferers and others with lung or breathing problems. The Walrus does not produce corrosive fumes or liquids, and therefore there is no damage to surrounding paving, metal objects, and covers In a water-short country like South Africa, The Walrus turns swimming pools into inland water reservoirs in cases of severe drought. Water will taste better as well. The Walrus makes maintenance of your pool, spa or pond much easier, and is therefore more user- friendly than chlorination and other chemical alternatives. As The Walrus operates on low voltage it is safe in pools, and in spas. You no longer need to use hard, harsh chemicals.

Many home owners throughout South Africa have swimming pools, spas, or ponds, and many more are looking to install one of the above. Those who have existing pools, spas, or ponds, already know the costs involved in keeping these water features clean and free of algae, both in terms of time and money spent cleaning, taking samples of water to the local pool shops, and koi dealers and trying to rectify water quality problems.

In periods of severe drought, all swimming pools could be valuable and effective emergency resource. Salt water, in cases of severe drought which very likely in countries like South Africa, is not safe to use in gardens, and not useable for drinking, washing, or cooking with, because of the high levels of salt, which make this water unsuitable for household, and most industrial uses, not even for flushing toilets.

Algae, in themselves, are not dangerous. In fact, they are the main ingredient in many health supplements, and tablets. The problem with algae is that they convert sunlight into food, releasing waste that becomes the feeding grounds for unwanted and harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms, and this is very unsightly. There are over 20,000 species of algae, only a few of which are found in swimming pool, spa and pond water. Water is the breeding place for algae spores, and as soon as the sanitizer levels drop below levels required for algae control, the algae begin to grow and multiply. It only takes a few hours on a nice warm sunny day for your water to turn green and unsightly.

The very early types of algaecide for water features and pools were copper based, either as copper sulfate, or as elemental copper, suspended in a carrier liquid (water) by a chemical called “tri ethanolamine”. Added to water contained in pools, spas, or ponds, these were very effective in algae control, and are still found in some algaecides today.

With proper maintenance, and frequent water testing you can have a sparkling clean, algae free pool, spa or pond. Rain falling into the chlorinated water of the pool, releases chlorine, which is gas, suspended in the water, reducing the chlorine, or sanitizing agent in the water, which sometimes causes water to go green, after rain. Often, the rain brings down fine particles of dust, and iron and other microscopic particles. This leads to cloudy water, which could also be caused by poor filtration causing particles to be suspended in the water. These factors lead to the need for constant attention and work to maintain the pool, spa or pond.

Maintaining correct pH levels of between 7.2ppm and 7.4ppm and alkalinity levels between 50ppm and 80ppm and your usual chlorine levels of between 1.2 and 1.6 ppm, with levels of Cyanuric acid (stabilizer) between 0 and30pp (excepting in chlorine generated pools where you would not need to stabilize the chlorinated water) can not only be time consuming and bothersome, but also costly.

When using The Walrus ionizer, the correct levels to be maintained would be lower, pH around 7ppm, and copper ions to between 0.3 and 0.4ppm. Calcium hardness ideal range should be 225 to 375ppm. In the case of use of Bromine, maintain levels of Bromine at 0.8ppm, depending on local health codes. Maintaining these correct levels will insure clear, healthy pools and spas.

21st century pool cleaning, by copper ionization systems, has proven world-wide to be a simpler, more practical, more effective, less expensive, and easier to maintain option for pool owners than Chlorine, Bromine or the other alternatives. The pool owner will not need to be concerned about doing anything different to treat their pool water, in-fact vinyl lined pools, and those with solar blankets and pool covers, can expect to get a much longer life out of them, as the oxidizing agents present in the use of chlorine are no longer present. Since copper ionization systems do not require the use of harmful oxidizing chemicals, these expensive components can be expected to last far longer.

Salt chlorinators use approximately 0.5KWh of AC power daily to sanitize a 100,000 liter pool, while The Walrus uses approximately 0.0015KWh of DC power to do the same work, leading to a significant reduction in electric bills. Both the salt water and ionizer system make use of a chamber in the process. The cells are the difference, the cell in the salt water system are expensive and replaced every 2-3 years, while the copper electrodes of The Walrus are inexpensive and may only be replaced every 5-7 years. The ionization chamber itself should last indefinitely, and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Most swimmers prefer the feel and taste of water treated by ionization over salt water by an overwhelming margin. Because copper ionization systems work within a calcium hardness range of about 200-2000ppm, converting calcium to bicarbonate, the ionization system will eliminate and prevent scaling on walls and rock features. Remember, a clean healthy pool is a pool free of bacteria and it always looks better free of algae and stains. Salt water pools do not control calcium scaling, and will only work within a calcium range of 200-400 ppm. The amount of Chlorine required changes as the weather changes. The cooler the weather the less Chlorine is required, the hotter the weather, the more Chlorine is required to sanitize the same amount of water, sometimes even requiring you to shock treat the water. Sometimes you may even need to use an algaecide (copper -sulphate)or a suitable flocculent like Alum powder, to clear and soften green water. With the use of a copper ionizer, you will still require chlorine to sanitize and color the water, but only 20-30% of what you would normally use, depending on the temperature of the water, thus giving a huge cost savings achieving the same results.

The Walrus Pool and Water Wizard works fairly simply, by “injecting” copper ions into the water, which go to work killing the algae that the bacteria feed on, eliminating these bacteria, and the algae present in the pool water. The problem comes when pools are covered completely, and become dormant. Black algae can begin to grow. In pools with a lot of black algae it may be difficult to raise copper ions to an effective level to eliminate the black algae. Then you may require the assistance of black algaecide, freely available from all pool shops. The Walrus Pool and Water Wizard, is very easy to install, and cost effective as well as eco-friendly. The backwashed water will be now suitable for the use in gardens and vegetable gardens -No need to pump to the street or sewerage. The Walrus Pool and Water Wizard is available with controllable output voltages, so as to assist in achieving your required ppm of between 0.3 and 0.4ppm, through a pH level of 7 for ultimate efficiency. The Walrus Pool and Water Wizard can be installed in the pump box, connecting directly to the pump, or to the output of the timer, so that The Walrus Pool and Water Wizard can be operational when the pump is circulating the pool water, and should remain switched on. Control copper levels by decreasing or increasing voltage on the control knob, and by running the pump longer to achieve and maintain copper concentration levels.

Walrus Water Wizard Manual